I support HIV Education and Support in Camaroon Africa.for the award. Their tireless energy and leadership in spreading hope in Camaroon is unparrallelled. SHAHICA's talented health professionals and educators manage their yearly 'mission' with local donations and this award would enable them to 'reach out' with increased intensity to provide care to thousands in small Camaroon towns. Kathleen R Mahoney RN, PhD. -

kathleen mahoney April 04, 2012

My full support to Telehealth for the Elderly group from the Philippines. It is a current trend and demographic issue that needs further research. I am also a researcher and based on my review of high impact journals, the topic is a response to the needs of the society.

John Chris Horin April 07, 2012

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Corrine Corrine April 20, 2012

Bonne chance à tous et j'espère bien que nous gagnerons pour poursuivre notre beau projet de Répertoire des guides cliniques pour l'élaboration des plans thérapeutiques infirmiers en santé mentale.

Poirier Marie-Josée April 26, 2012

my fullsupport to diabetes work

ishwori khanal March 01, 2013

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